Portfolio: The Haystack Documentary

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Task: Create a UK-centric campaign to educate the general public on the pros and cons of the passing of the Investigatory Powers Bill in 2016. Most of the general public have little or no understanding as to how our surveillance or intelligence systems work, given the debate is so heated in the US and Germany, it is important to question why we are not questioning our government more when our surveillance state is considered the most invasive in the world.

Execution: Scenes of Reason teamed up with Open Democracy, Privacy International, Big Brother Watch and Reprieve to create a short documentary on how our surveillance system works and why the IP Bill is so heavily criticised. The SoR team sat down with ex GCHQ director Sir David Omand, Ex NSA analyst and whistleblower, Bill Binney and several other civil liberties groups and analysts to provide a balanced and succinct investigation of surveillance use and effectiveness.


Result: An endorsement from Edward Snowden which has engaged more than 250,000 people with our documentary. The Haystack has since been screened all over the country and has featured in both the UCL Human Rights Films Festival and The London Film Festival. We are hoping to host a screening in The House of Lords later this year.

SoR created a dedicated site to engage the public with several ongoing civil liberties campaigns. 


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