What are Libel Payouts? Not the type of money you want to receive…


“To publish in print (including pictures), writing or broadcast through radio, television or film, an untruth, I repeat an untruth about another person which will ruin their reputation. Once the accusation is proved false, the victim can receive compensation in the form of money”.

Decoded: you are named, shamed and you didn’t do nothing, if you can prove your accuser wrong you can get some moneys.

Would it be worth it? Probably not, and most certainly not when you reach the bottom of this picture story:

Russell Brand Libel payouts
Russell Brand

Libel Payouts: Russell Brand

….received a libel payout from The Sun on Sunday newspaper when it ran a front page story stating that Brand had cheated on his girlfriend of the time Jemima Khan. He did care, and even donated the money to the Hillsborough campaign.

Andrew Mitchell


Libel Payouts: Andrew Mitchell

….Conservative MP, had to pay out £80,000 to Police Constable Toby Rowland upon calling him a ‘pleb’ after he wasn’t allowed to cycle through the main Downing Street vehicle gates. Mitchell denied the name calling but the vast amount of publicity that ensued caused great distress to PC Rowland, and we’re sure for Mitchell as well.


Chris Jefferies


 Libel Payouts: Chris Jefferies

….after the 2010 murder of Joanna Yeates, reporters wrongly pursued the innocent English teacher. Jefferies was the landlord of Joanna Yeates and was taken to ‘hell and back’ when accused of the murder. Media hassled Jefferies in public, commenting on his look of ‘guilt and shiftiness’. Both the Daily Mirror and The Sun were fined substantial amounts.

We wonder if the attention the papers would have received with their speculations, would have been worth the libel payouts?


KateMcCann, Gerry McCann
Kate and Gerry McCann


Libel Payouts: Kate and Gerry McCann

…sued ex-police chief Goncalo Amaral, who headed up the search for their daughter Madeleine who went missing while on holiday in Portugal in 2007. Mr Amaral made false claims in his book (a book deal is eyebrow raising anyway no?) and suggested the couple had faked her abduction. The McCann’s have been awarded £357,000 after a recent libel payouts case ended in their favour.


Now that you’re decoded, care to share your thoughts… if the media are attracting attention for a story, be it true or false, is it worth a libel payout?


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