FIFA Scandal: How Football Went From Kids To Corruption

Two investigations are better than one?

FIFA Scandal - Boy is hit twice with football

Two is better than one: The FIFA scandal is made up of two investigations

Two is better than one: The FIFA scandal consists of two investigations

FIFA stands for Fédération Internationale de Football Association. They are a non-profit organisation and they organise the Football World Cup. The World Cup happens every four years, each time in a different country.

FIFA is now involved in two criminal investigations.

The first investigation is being run by USA Justice Department. They have arrested 9 FIFA officials on charges of corruption. One of the arrested men is FIFA vice-prez Jeffrey Webb. They stand accused of taking bribes and may be extradited to the USA for trial. At the moment the amount of money involved is unclear; it’s thought to be millions of dollars.

Bribe: Getting someone to act in a certain way by giving them money.
As well as that Swiss police launched a second investigation and have raided FIFA’s offices to take files and computers. They are looking for evidence that the bids for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups had been fixed.

Why is this important?

FIFA Scandal: Google Screenshot

Once a year, every year: The FIFA scandal has been around a long time

For all you non-football fans: Russia is hosting 2018 and Qatar will host 2022.

This announcement happened in 2010. Ever since then reports of corruption  have flooded in. A high-ranking FIFA official was said to have named colleagues who were open to bribery.

In fact, looking up “FIFA scandal” shows how regularly these accusations have come up…



Timeline: From kids to corruption


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Reaction to the FIFA scandal via Twitter

Reaction to the FIFA scandal via Twitter

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