Conference Season 2015; a political five year plan

What is Party Conference?

Party Conference is like the Glastonbury of politics. The leader’s speech is the headline act – an opportunity to send out a message about the parties values and aims to voters, but also to party members.

We explored what goes on behind the scenes, and why this 2015 conference season is so important:

Making the Boring, Not Boring; why Political Party Conference is important


I don’t have time to read the news – summarize this for me?


Liberal Democrat Party Conference 2015


Labour Party Conference 2015


Green Party Conference 2015

Natalie Bennett Green Party Leader at Conference

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett

2015 was a good year for the Green Party… up until the general election. 

The “Green Surge” saw 13,000 people join the party in just one week. Leader Natalie Bennett scored points by being included in the TV party leader’s debate. The Greens were going mainstream and things seemed to be going so well.

At the general election 3.8% of the public voted for them, their highest share of the vote ever. However, due to our electoral system they only have ONE MP, Caroline Lucas.

If we switched to a system called Proportional Representation the Greens would have 24 MPs rather than one. So it’s no surprise that Natalie Bennett’s conference speech called for change.

She also criticised the government for not doing enough to fight climate change. The Greens just wanna be friends and will campaign to stay within the European Union.

They also got practical, collecting donations for the refugees in Calais, France. Perhaps less talk, more action is the way forwards?

Little mention was made of Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn. Many predict he will move the Labour party to the left of politics… with some similar values to the Green Party. If this happens, will there be much point in the left-wing Green Party?

Caroline Lucas MP seems to be up for joining forces with other parties on certain issues saying “we are stronger when we work together’.

Are the Greens irrelevant? Or will the Green surge continue? You decide.

UKIP Conference 2015

The UK Independence Party is having a bit of a rough time.

"Only one MP? BAAAAAH"

“Only one MP? BAAAAAH”

Despite picking up 12.6% of the public vote in the general election, our electoral system means they only have ONE MP. Mega awkward.

This disappointing general election result led to their leader Nigel Farage resigning… only to return a few weeks later.

With the referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union approaching this should be UKIP’s moment. After all, this is why the party was created.

But it seems squabbles within UKIP might spoil things.

Leader Nigel Farage and UKIP’s single MP Douglas Carswell disagree on a major decision. They support different campaigns linked to the European Union referendum, due to happen before the end of 2017.

Farage used Conference to announce his backing for anti-EU group and thinks it should be the official campaign for Britain to leave the EU.

Carswell used to be a Conservative MP, but defected to UKIP. He supports Business For Britain, which hasn’t yet committed to backing an EU exit. Farage has accused Carswell of having “residual loyalty” to his old Tory party. Even more awkward.

Will frenemies Farage and Carswell put aside their differences before the referendum?



Conservative Party Conference 2015

Party Conference - George Osborne is the Chancellor. Your Shy Tory money is safe with him

Is this the new Tory leader?

AKA the one we’ve all been waiting for.

The Conservative Party are back in government – and for the first time since 1992 have enough parliamentary seats to form a majority. No longer held back by the Liberal Democrats they are free to do as they please… for the next five years at least.

David Cameron’s announcement that he will stand down before 2020 means everyone is wondering who will be next in line for the PM crown. Could it be George Osborne? Or perhaps Boris Johnson or Teresa May?

For now David Cameron looked secure, as he and the Tory big wigs outlined the Tory agenda for the next five years.

Cameron promised to build 200,000 new homes to tackle the housing crisis, to renew Britain’s Trident Nuclear system. He also outlined a more compassionate approach to the prison system, which Michael Gove had introduced the day before.


We have got to get away from the sterile lock-em-up or let-em-out debate, and get smart about this.

When prisoners are in jail, we have their full attention for months at a time – so let’s treat their problems, educate them, put them to work.”

The infamous Trade Unions Bill, which will make it harder for trade unions to strike, also got a mention at Conference.

Perhaps buoyed by his recent election success Cameron slammed Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn. Miaow.

“My friends – we cannot let that man inflict his security-threatening, terrorist-sympathising, Britain-hating ideology on the country we love.”


Home Secretary Teresa May announced tough new laws on immigration.

“While we must fulfil our moral duty to help people in desperate need, we must also have an immigration system that allows us to control who comes to our country.

Because when immigration is too high, when the pace of change is too fast, it’s impossible to build a cohesive society.”


However, things aren’t all plain sailing. A number of divisions appear in the Tory party. The Conservatives are divided over whether the UK should leave the European UnionThe referendum on whether to stay in or get out will take place…at some point…before 2017.

The Conservative conference took place behind a riot fence. Outside the conference venue 60,000 people gathered for an anti-austerity march.

Tory delegates were told in an email not to wear their Conservative passes outside of the secure compound.

Which was a little OTT as most of the protesters took part peacefully. Yet, some of some people focused on some negative behaviour, like spitting and egging. We’re not showing that… as, you know, the majority of the protesters took part in good faith. If you don’t believe us, believe the police;

Will the Conservatives deliver on their promises? Or are their days in power numbered?


Still to come:

SNP, 15th-17th October 2015

Plaid Cymru, 23rd October-10th November 2015

We Made the Boring, Not Boring: why the Political Party Conference is important

The Political Party Conference season is in full swing. What is this and why should you care?


What is the Party Conference?

Conservative Party Conference

If party conference is Glastonbury for politics, then the leader’s speech is the headline act.

Imagine it as a festival; the Glastonbury of politics.

At a festival, there are loads of bands, poets, theatre makers all vying for your attention. They want you to come to their gig, or support their cause. This is a little similar to a party conference.

Each year in party conference season politicians and party members get together to discuss what the party’s aims and values should be. Businesses and other groups send lobbyists, who attempt to influence the decisions and policies decided at conference.

Whatever you want to get out of party conference, odds are you can find it. There are prayer breakfasts, a running club and different lobbying groups trying to meet politicians. Luke James, parliamentary correspondent at the Morning Star, describes it as a “democratic festival whirlwind”.

“You’ve got people going here there and everywhere, and it’s not just in the conference centre – There’s literally dozens of fringe meetings every day starting at 7.30AM”.

Just don’t expect to see anyone raving. Ed Miliband we’re looking at you.


Tell me how it works?

Green Party Conference "Visual Minutes"

“Visual minutes” at the Green Party conference this spring

Each political party decides what to discuss in difference ways.

Labour has a National Policy Forum, made up of MPs, councillors and trade unions, which creates reports on various issues.

Some these are discussed at conference and go on to form Labour policy. However, party conference is not always where policy is made.

Luke James notes that in the past “a motion is passed at a Labour conference it doesn’t necessary mean it will become policy.” This is because they have very complex policy making process, as reported by the BBC.

When it comes to discussing policy the Green Party took a more artistic approach at their spring conference this year.

Members scrawled “visual minutes” of the issues being covered at conference onto a massive mural. Somehow we can’t imagine the Conservatives following suit. You never know though.


Why is the 2015 Party Conference Season important?

We’ve just had a general election – and the losers need to start planning for the next one.

Party Conference; JD from tv show Scrubs shrugging

Why do I care?

If party conference is Glastonbury for politics, then the leader’s speech is the headline act. The Labour Party and the Lib Dems have new leaders who have to quickly make their mark.

UKIP needs to assert itself as a dominant force before the upcoming EU referendum and the Green Party needs to make the most of its increase in membership.

In Scotland, the SNP needs to set the agenda for the Scottish Parliament elections next year, and many are talking about the possibility of a second Scottish independence referendum. Cor blimey.

Don’t forget the current government, the Conservatives. With a small majority David Cameron needs the backing of his entire party to push through new laws.

After some ham-fisted attacks online over the alleged #piggate scandal, he’ll want to move forward to more important matters – like Europe and the refugee crisis.


Yeah, I’m not a party member or anything – why should I care?

Party Conference: gif of Amy Poehler

Seriously, why?

Though solid policy decisions may not be set at conference, it is important for setting the tone for the various parties; especially important as we have two new leaders for the opposition parties.

Even if you’re not political, you’ll probably have an opinion about what the government and the opposition parties stand for. Therefore conference is really important for getting the party message across to potential voters.

Party Conference in a nutshell;

At a festival you can reinvent yourself. You can let your hair down, try new things and decide who you want to be. Similarly these political party conferences, at the start of a new parliament, are an opportunity for the party leaders to set the agenda for the next 5 years.

Just like a festival, party conference can be exciting and busy – but don’t expect all policy to be decided right this minute.


OK, you got me interested. What now?


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2015 Liberal Democrat Manifesto explained in 6 minutes

Liberal Democrats Manifesto Rundown

The 2015 Liberal Democrat Manifesto has now been released. Want to make some sense of it…read on.

In a sentence: Opportunity, equality and prosperity to all!

Sound fair? Read on…


Liberal Democrats Manifesto: Tax



Current Tax Rates UK

As it stands: UKIP want to raise the tax free amount

Raise tax-free allowance to £12,500.

Lib Dems are giving themselves until 2017/2018 to BALANCE THE BUDGET. How? By cutting less than the Tories, and spending less than Labour. Sounds like middle child syndrome.

Make sure the rich “pay their share” and corporations are unable to avoid the right taxes… ahem Amazon.

Local areas will have more control with the economic decisions that affect them.


Liberal Democrats Manifesto: Education

This will be easier with an extra £2.5 billion to be added to England’s education budget.

Guarantee education funding and support from nursery all the way to the grand old age of 19.

Put qualified teachers in every class AND they’ll have to have a minimum of a B grade in GCSE English and Maths in order to teach.

Free school meals for all primary school pupils.

No more state schools that make profit.

Promote STEM subjects in schools and encourage those young entrepreneurs.

stem subjects

What even are STEM subjects?

How many times have you had to use osmosis since you left school? Lib Dems will introduce a “curriculum for life” – so that’s actually learning useful things such as finance skills (seriously how do you even do a tax return?), first aid, lifesaving skills, citizenship, sex and relationship education.

Aim to double the number of businesses offering apprenticeships.


Liberal Democrats Manifesto: Health Care

Throw in an extra £8 billion to the NHS.

Mental health = physical health = same status and importance. How? Throw in extra £500 million to mental health care.


Liberal Democrats Manifesto: Economics

Get tough with tax evasion and avoidance by removing lots of loopholes for the sneaky peoples.

Finish what they started: something called Universal Credit – which means people will always be better off in work than on benefits.

If your company has more than 250 employees, you better start publishing differences of pay between the hes and the shes. This sounds familiar…I think this was poached from the Conservative Manifesto, or vice versa. Funny that.

Leading by example: by April 2016 all those working in government departments will receive a living wage, and the Lib Dems will encourage all public sectors to pay a fair living wage too.


Liberal Democrats Manifesto: We Are Family

Can you say DaDa? Expand “shared parental leave” and paternity leave to encourage fathers to take time off with their young children.

Increase free childcare for all 2 year olds from 15 hours a week to 20.

Too many free bee’s for Nana: if you’re a pensioner and receiving an income that pays tax at the higher rate of 40% (aka. a larger income), Lib Dems are cutting you off from Winter Fuel Payments and free TV licenses BUT you will still keep your free bus pass.


Liberal Democrats Manifesto: Environment

Plant a tree for every child born. Yep, that’s a lotta trees.

Waste not, want not: aim to have England recycling 70% of their rubbish.

A Green Transport Act: every new bus/taxi must be ultra low emission by 2030, and every car by 2040; low emission zones in busy towns and cities.

A Zero Carbon Britain Act: all about reducing greenhouse gases, so that’s less coal and more of this buzzword: decarbonizing.

A Green Buildings Act: painting the houses green? Not far off. Lib Dems will introduce a discount on council tax for homes that improve their energy efficiency – that’s what you call an incentive.


Liberal Democrats Manifesto: Housing

Rent To Own: where your monthly payments slowly buy you a stake in the property. KaCHING!

Help to Rent: deposit loans to help the young’uns get their first place.

Almost every household to have high speed broadband.

A sort of mansion tax but with a different name: High Value Property Levy (see what they did there?). This will be for properties over £2 million and will have a banded structure, like council tax, so it is proportionate to the value of your home.

Keep the current cap on a household’s benefits and try and measure this against what the average family income is. What even is an average family?

Encourage landlords to lower their rent by paying them this thing called Housing Benefit directly.


Political Banter

16 and 17 year olds: you have the vote.

Give more powers to Wales, just like Scotland. These are called devolved powers.

Shake up the House of Lords and reduce the number of peers (that’s what they call the members) from 789 to 450. Also shake up the electoral system.

Make actual rules for these election TV debates, because, let’s be honest, the will they/won’t they saga has been annoying/boring.


Around The World

Better border checks because we wanna know who’s coming in and who’s going out.

End FGM in the UK and abroad – yes FGM, that’s female genital mutilation, happens right here in the UK with an estimated 20,000 girls at risk.

Remain in the EU.


16-21? Say hello to your new discount bus pass.

Rail upgrades across the country and general transport improvements.

Opposed to airport expansion and any new airport in Greater London area.


Enough with the Facebook stalking: Lib Dems will protect your internet privacy rights with a Digital Bill of Rights so everyone can control their own personal data.


The General Election is just around the corner…

Will you be voting for the Liberal Democrats on May 7th?




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