Political Spin: How the Media made your general election choice

Political Spin: Tomorrow, May 7th, millions of people will go to the polls and vote in the 2015 General Election. But will your vote have been influenced by the media?


The Media: TV, Online, Newspapers. They have much more influence over your vote than you might think.


It’s on the TV so it must be true.

It seems you can’t turn on the TV without seeing politicians out and about, making speeches and more importantly meeting voters. What you don’t see is that the majority of encounters shown on TV are carefully stage-managed – with no detail left to chance.



Sometimes this is done by the broadcasters. They need a story they can sell to the public so an audience’s questions are often vetted by the broadcast team to ensure it fits within their narrative. More often things will be managed behind the scenes by the parties themselves. For example, the recent BBC interviews with the party leaders where the politicians chose the location, in this case inside their homes… you know portraying the whole “caring, loving family man” character.
Vice News takes us behind the scenes of the political spin machine…


TV broadcasters have to keep to strict rules when it comes to election coverage – to make sure they don’t unfairly influence voters. However, that hasn’t stopped politicians accusing TV channels of bias in the run up to this election.


Political Spin: You Spin Me Right Round

Political Spin is a Magic Trick: Making you believe everything went their way.

Take any major political event – e.g. the leaders’ debates. The different parties seem to disagree over the result.

Read their version of events and you’ll go away thinking their candidate was the winner. Until you hear or read the other side of the story. Politicians run around the “spin room” where the journalists write-up the day’s events. They attempt to get sound bites and points of view embedded into the news as quickly as possible.






Rule of Political Spin: Make sure you get your story in first. Most politicians are so obvious when “spinning a story” that it’s easy enough to see through what they are doing. It’s harder to spot when you’re hearing it from a source you trust…


Tweet, Tweet

Political Spin-doctors often use social media as a tool to release images, statements and attacks on their rivals. When you see these it’s often because they’ve been shared by someone you know. You may not trust the political party – but you trust your mate to have shared or re-tweeted a good article. And so you read it. Like it. Share it. And so it continues…




These pieces are filled with short phrases such as “Long Term Economic Plan” “Coalition of Chaos” and “Britain succeeds when working people succeed” which can be easily repeated and shared. #RepeatEnoughTimesAndPeopleWillBelieveIt


Political Spin: So don’t believe everything you read…

Newspapers support different political parties. Most of the time who they pick is decided by whoever OWNS the newspaper.

Case Study: Rupert Murdoch

Murdoch owns News Corporation – the company who own The Sunday Times and The Sun. Murdoch has been linked to David Cameron several times, and in 2012 it came out that the pair had met five more times than Cameron has previously admitted. The Sunday Times has now backed the Conservatives. See how it works?

In another case The Telegraph published a letter from 100 top business leaders who gave support to David Cameron. The Telegraph has backed the Conservatives. In retaliation, Labour published an open letter from 100 “working people” who want Ed Miliband as PM. This was sent to The Guardian, a newspaper which has now told people to vote Labour.

I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing a pattern here…

See who the other newspapers are supporting in the General Election


Political Spin: Get a Celebrity friend

It all started with Martin Freeman from the Hobbit and Sherlock backing Labour in a video. TV commentator Katie Hopkins entered the fray – saying she would leave the country if Ed Miliband got in as PM. Love her or hate her, this endorsement of the Tories seemingly back-fired as some people found this reason enough to vote Labour in itself.






Comedian and activist Russell Brand started out by telling people NOT to vote. Then he had a last-minute change of heart and backed Labour after a meeting with Ed Miliband.


A screenshot from youtube channel the Trews show Russell Brand with Labour leader Ed Miliband. Some people have seen this as an act of political spin

Political Spin: Russell Brand backed Labour at the last-minute

Was this a genuine change of heart or was this political spin set up by Labour PR? We’ll never know – but with over a million subscribers, Brand is a force to be reckoned with. It’s difficult to know if celebrity endorsements actually influence voters, but events like these are likely to boost morale of party members.


What can I do to avoid political spin?

It’s all down to you.

Be aware that when you read or watch something the way it is edited will have an effect on what you see.

Here at Scenes of Reason we created a series: Defining the Political Parties

We interviewed young members of each party – asking them ALL the same questions and edited the videos in EXACTLY the same way.

If that’s not enough, we even decoded the manifestos to tell you what the hell it all meant. You’re so welcome.


But even better – search online for your local candidate. Attend a last-minute Hustings event (where local candidates take questions from the public and debate) or find them online. Ask them a question about something that is important to you.

And make sure you vote!

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The 2015 SNP Manifesto has been released.


It has been decoded.


So what do they want?


A STRONGER Scotland. A voice that is HEARD.


Well we can hear you now.



End Austerity! What even is austerity? Cuts to public services – the SNP want no more of it! Instead of cutting, the SNP will put in tiny increases into public spending of 0.5% for each year of parliament.

The SNP will have an additional £140 billion to play with to invest in things like the NHS and education (that’s across the whole of the UK, not just Scotland). They’ll find the money from introducing more taxes…

– Hello 50p tax rate for top earners – so those earning the most contribute more to help the most vulnerable.

– Bankers get ready to pay an extra tax on those nice bonuses you get.

– A bank levy (posh name for a tax).

– A mansion tax (posh name for a house worth over a certain amount, you’d be surprised what is considered a ‘mansion’ in London).

– A crackdown on tax avoidance.

– No more non-doms (Dick and Dom can stay).



Vote to increase NHS spending in the UK by £24 billion by 2021 – adding £2 billion to the NHS Scotland budget.

The SNP will always vote against any privatisation of the NHS in England.



Oppose plans to renew Trident nuclear weapons (explainer). Instead that £100 billion – yes £100 billion – can be invested into nice(r) things. Like better childcare. And better education. And of course: a better NHS.



Minimum wage is going up… £8.70 to be precise. Not immediately but by 2020.

Current rates of minimum wage

As it stands: minimum wage

The SNP support the living wage across the whole of the UK. The SNP also want you to know that the Scottish Government already pays all its employees the living wage (pat on the back), and it urges the UK government to do the same (you’ve been warned UK).



Child Benefit Rates

As it stands: child benefits

Say no to….cuts to Child Benefit. Instead increase benefits so that incomes of the poorest in society do not fall even further behind the cost of living. The SNP got ya back peeps.

Absolutely zero cuts to the Disability Living Allowance, and the SNP will always vote against it too.

So long Bedroom Tax, it’s been fun.

Increase Carer’s Allowance so it matches Jobseekers’ Allowance (explainer). Carer’s Allowance is currently £62.10 per week.


Guarantee free university education in Scotland, and support the reduction of fees in the rest of the UK.

Give Educational Maintenance Allowance in Scotland to 22,000 more pupils and part-time students.

30,000 more apprenticeships for young people.

Expand free nursery education from 16 hours a week to 30 hours a week.



The SNP love being part of the EU and they will do all they can to make sure it stays that way.



The Help to Buy scheme which helps people get their feet on that tricky housing ladder – SNP will support its growth and aren’t against it.

SNP aim: 100,000 more affordable homes a year in the UK.



End those infamous zero-hour contracts.

Encourage people on benefits back to work by supporting an increase of 20% in Work Allowance – aka the amount people are allowed to earn before their benefit is cut.

Review plans to change retirement age from 66 to 67… it will make a difference to when people can start receiving their pensions.



SNP will encourage the UK government to follow their lead on ambitious carbon reduction targets – that’s making the UK a cleaner and greener country for everyone.

Delay and suspend fracking.

Make me safe: 1,000 extra police officers.



50/50 Men and Women on public and private boards please.

Equal pay – is it that much to ask?

Females listen to this: no VAT on sanitary products!



Goodbye Lords: Hello new, ELECTED second chamber.

First Past The Post is so yesterday – the SNP call for Proportional Representation as the new voting system – that’s where a party is allocated a number of seats in Parliament that is directly proportional to the number of votes they gained nationwide.



The SNP want you to know they will ALWAYS support independence and want Scotland to be its own country in its own right (flashback to 2014 and the SNP losing that referendum).

In the meantime: SNP MPs in Westminster will use their influence to make sure Scotland get what they deserve – aka promises of greater powers are kept and put into action.

The Scottish Parliament would be completely responsible for all their monies.

The SNP are also pretty anti a Conservative government, just so you know. #enemies





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2015 Liberal Democrat Manifesto explained in 6 minutes

Liberal Democrats Manifesto Rundown

The 2015 Liberal Democrat Manifesto has now been released. Want to make some sense of it…read on.

In a sentence: Opportunity, equality and prosperity to all!

Sound fair? Read on…


Liberal Democrats Manifesto: Tax



Current Tax Rates UK

As it stands: UKIP want to raise the tax free amount

Raise tax-free allowance to £12,500.

Lib Dems are giving themselves until 2017/2018 to BALANCE THE BUDGET. How? By cutting less than the Tories, and spending less than Labour. Sounds like middle child syndrome.

Make sure the rich “pay their share” and corporations are unable to avoid the right taxes… ahem Amazon.

Local areas will have more control with the economic decisions that affect them.


Liberal Democrats Manifesto: Education

This will be easier with an extra £2.5 billion to be added to England’s education budget.

Guarantee education funding and support from nursery all the way to the grand old age of 19.

Put qualified teachers in every class AND they’ll have to have a minimum of a B grade in GCSE English and Maths in order to teach.

Free school meals for all primary school pupils.

No more state schools that make profit.

Promote STEM subjects in schools and encourage those young entrepreneurs.

stem subjects

What even are STEM subjects?

How many times have you had to use osmosis since you left school? Lib Dems will introduce a “curriculum for life” – so that’s actually learning useful things such as finance skills (seriously how do you even do a tax return?), first aid, lifesaving skills, citizenship, sex and relationship education.

Aim to double the number of businesses offering apprenticeships.


Liberal Democrats Manifesto: Health Care

Throw in an extra £8 billion to the NHS.

Mental health = physical health = same status and importance. How? Throw in extra £500 million to mental health care.


Liberal Democrats Manifesto: Economics

Get tough with tax evasion and avoidance by removing lots of loopholes for the sneaky peoples.

Finish what they started: something called Universal Credit – which means people will always be better off in work than on benefits.

If your company has more than 250 employees, you better start publishing differences of pay between the hes and the shes. This sounds familiar…I think this was poached from the Conservative Manifesto, or vice versa. Funny that.

Leading by example: by April 2016 all those working in government departments will receive a living wage, and the Lib Dems will encourage all public sectors to pay a fair living wage too.


Liberal Democrats Manifesto: We Are Family

Can you say DaDa? Expand “shared parental leave” and paternity leave to encourage fathers to take time off with their young children.

Increase free childcare for all 2 year olds from 15 hours a week to 20.

Too many free bee’s for Nana: if you’re a pensioner and receiving an income that pays tax at the higher rate of 40% (aka. a larger income), Lib Dems are cutting you off from Winter Fuel Payments and free TV licenses BUT you will still keep your free bus pass.


Liberal Democrats Manifesto: Environment

Plant a tree for every child born. Yep, that’s a lotta trees.

Waste not, want not: aim to have England recycling 70% of their rubbish.

A Green Transport Act: every new bus/taxi must be ultra low emission by 2030, and every car by 2040; low emission zones in busy towns and cities.

A Zero Carbon Britain Act: all about reducing greenhouse gases, so that’s less coal and more of this buzzword: decarbonizing.

A Green Buildings Act: painting the houses green? Not far off. Lib Dems will introduce a discount on council tax for homes that improve their energy efficiency – that’s what you call an incentive.


Liberal Democrats Manifesto: Housing

Rent To Own: where your monthly payments slowly buy you a stake in the property. KaCHING!

Help to Rent: deposit loans to help the young’uns get their first place.

Almost every household to have high speed broadband.

A sort of mansion tax but with a different name: High Value Property Levy (see what they did there?). This will be for properties over £2 million and will have a banded structure, like council tax, so it is proportionate to the value of your home.

Keep the current cap on a household’s benefits and try and measure this against what the average family income is. What even is an average family?

Encourage landlords to lower their rent by paying them this thing called Housing Benefit directly.


Political Banter

16 and 17 year olds: you have the vote.

Give more powers to Wales, just like Scotland. These are called devolved powers.

Shake up the House of Lords and reduce the number of peers (that’s what they call the members) from 789 to 450. Also shake up the electoral system.

Make actual rules for these election TV debates, because, let’s be honest, the will they/won’t they saga has been annoying/boring.


Around The World

Better border checks because we wanna know who’s coming in and who’s going out.

End FGM in the UK and abroad – yes FGM, that’s female genital mutilation, happens right here in the UK with an estimated 20,000 girls at risk.

Remain in the EU.


16-21? Say hello to your new discount bus pass.

Rail upgrades across the country and general transport improvements.

Opposed to airport expansion and any new airport in Greater London area.


Enough with the Facebook stalking: Lib Dems will protect your internet privacy rights with a Digital Bill of Rights so everyone can control their own personal data.


The General Election is just around the corner…

Will you be voting for the Liberal Democrats on May 7th?




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2015 UKIP Manifesto Explained In Under 6 Minutes

Become independent, control our borders and believe in Britain – it’s the UK Independence Party’s 2015 Manifesto

Reasons to leave the European Union and go Independent

It’s in the name really: United Kingdom INDEPENDENCE Party.

As UKIP outline in their 2015 manifesto they want out of the EU. Why? They say we’ve lost the rights to make our own laws and the EU has far too much control over our laws, foreign affairs, tax and trade agreements. As more countries join the EU our share of the vote goes down – so even when the UK votes against stuff we often still end up with it as UK law.

Add in the surge in popularity for the idea of an EU army and police force – able to act in Britain of course, and UKIP think it’s time to go.

UKIP want an EU REFERENDUM as soon as possible – if the public vote to go then we can either leave immediately, or activate the Lisbon Treaty, giving us two years to go (this is the option UKIP prefers)

Objectives for a British Exit (BREXIT): sort a good trade deal with the EU and make sure we stay good mates: sharing intelligence, powers of extradition in case our criminals try to escape there, disaster relief and so on. So you give us that, and we’ll go off and do the rest ourselves. OK? Not asking for much, is it?!



UKIP will raise the amount before you pay tax to £13,000

Current Tax Rates UK

As it stands: UKIP want to raise the tax free amount


The amount before you pay 40% will rise to £55,000 and a new 30% rate will be added for incomes between £43,500 and £55,000 – to help middle earners.

Inheritance Tax will be abolished altogether as UKIP believes assets bought with money you were taxed on should not be taxed again when you die.

NO MORE TAX DODGING FOR BIG BUSINESSES – bring back a law which stops companies choosing which EU country they pay tax in. That’ll learn you.




Immigration in the UK: Decoded

Take back control of the borders! No more immigration for migrants in unskilled jobs for a five year period and reduce high skilled jobs visas to 50,000 a year. This should ease the pressure on public services which UKIP say are struggling to cope because of immigrants coming in and using them without paying taxes.

UK Public Services paid by Taxes

Public Services paid by Taxes. UKIP want to ease the pressure on these


Get lots more border staff and bring in an Australian Style Points System which looks at the skills you have to ensure you can benefit the country before you’re given a visa. The UK currently does a points system ONLY if you’re from outside the EU.

UK Immigration

As it stands: UK points system for Non-EU migrants. UKIP want to extend these to everyone


No benefits for migrants including free NHS treatment until they have paid tax and national insurance for five years. This also applies to social housing. All visitors and immigrants must have their own health insurance.

Foreign criminals will not be allowed to enter and migrants who commit crimes resulting in jail time will be deported.





Keep the NHS free and spend £12 billion more to ensure it stays that way and is able to function properly.

No more privatisation either. And that cheeky EU/USA secret trade deal that might mean we have to put bits of the NHS up for sale to US companies? You can do one as well.

Let’s have 8000 more GPs and waive tuition fees for medical students who work in Britain for 5 years after qualifying. And 20,000 more nurses, 3000 extra midwives.

£1.5 billion will go into mental health and dementia services. And there will be NO hospital parking charges.

Social care for the elderly will go into the control of the NHS for a simpler system. Social care funding will also rise by £1.2 billion. Home care visits will be longer than the current 15 minute times allotted.




No more lowering of benefits if you have an empty spare room – that’s just wrong. What’s also wrong is pretending you’re ill: If you’ve been sick and your doctor thinks you’re well again they will LEGALLY have to grass you in to the government. No-where to hide, scroungers.

However more people will be trained up to help in 800 food banks across the country.

You’ll only get child benefits for two children. BUT you’ll still get 15 hours free childcare AND all primary schools will have to offer childcare from 8AM to 6PM – so you can get back to work and pay for them!

Fathers for Justice rejoice – UKIP will work for 50/50 shared parenting in child residency to become the norm.



We need more doctors, engineers and nurses so cut Uni tuition fees for science, technology, maths and medicine. From primary school kids will be encouraged by a “science leader” to take an interest in the subject.

Reduce class sizes and teacher paperwork so that quality of teaching is better. And let people go straight onto A levels from 16, rather than having the stress of AS level exams.

First aid training will become part of the curriculum.



Create more affordable homes and make sure local people get first access. People with local connections to the area will get priority for council housing and only British Nationals will be helped by Right to Buy schemes.

Get people to rent out their empty homes by upping council tax if it’s left empty for more than two years. And give local people more control over where houses are allowed to be built.

Build 1 million houses on Brownfield sites (land previously used for industrial or commercial space) by 2025 and local people will have more say in where they are built. No tax on selling these if the property’s worth is below £250,000.

Rich home owners breathe a sigh of relief: No mansion tax at all.



The Manifesto for UKIP says linking London to the North of England via the proposed super-fast High Speed 2  network is silly–Instead spend the money on protecting the legacy of the car industry by taking away road tax for cars over 25 years old.

Who wants to pay to drive? No more toll roads and oppose the EU’s plan to price up European roads.

Also we need more airports around the South East. Take Manston Airport.  We could re-open that as it’s “ideally placed to take low cost airlines” and is “close to the railway network”. Nothing to do with it being in Nigel Farage’s constituency….



Instead of a really expensive Climate Change Act let’s get Fracking for Shale Gas! And only invest in renewable energy where they can deliver CHEAPLY. And we must save the coal industry because in the past it gave us loads of jobs…



British workers need to come first:  stop the EU encouraging companies to look abroad first and allow them to pick Brits over foreigners.

Enforce the minimum wage and keep zero hour contracts because some people do find them useful.  But make them fairer ensuring people can look for other work and get a good notice period for when they’ll be needed.

Make things better for small businesses by encouraging people to town centres with free parking and cutting business property tax for companies in properties worth under £50,000

And allow young people to start apprenticeships in the place of four non-core GCSE subjects



Farmers are great and we need them to give us good British food – so let’s give them a farm payment of £80 per acre and get food labelled so we know which country it’s come from.

Also put cameras in abattoirs to make sure there’s been no maltreatment of animals (if there is the punishment will be tripled) and vote on genetically modified foods.

Not just farmers – get rid of EU rules that screw over British fishermen and make sure that only Brits can fish for 12 miles offshore.




“BAAAAAH” Nigel Farage and UKIP want to save the pubs

Save Britain’s heritage by creating a minister to look after old, listed buildings and boost tourism.




Re-instate the good old British boozer as a staple of British society – cigarette packets will be branded again and smoking rooms will be back (though properly ventilated this time).





UKIP promise 3,500 more staff for police and prisons. There will be no privatisation of the police force at all. And no European Union police force on our streets please.

British Law will be the highest power once we’ve removed ourselves from the European Court of Human Rights. Foreign prisoners will be deported immediately – BYE. This will mean lots more places to lock up British baddies.

Qualified prisoners will teach other wrong ‘uns reading and writing – and we’ll pay them! But any money will go towards compensation for whoever they’ve wronged.

Criminals don’t get the vote. Obviously.



Only MPs for English constituencies get a say on English matters. Every two years there will be a public vote on the most popular petition that gets over 2 million signatures.

And if 20% of you don’t like your MP you can trigger a by-election and try to get them voted out!

Also let’s bring in Proportional Representation (PR). It’s much fairer than the current system as the % of votes won by your party = % of seats your party gets in parliament. And it probably means UKIP will get more MPs…

At the moment we have a system called First Past the Post…



Union Jack UKIP

Union Jack: UKIP are big on British Culture

UKIP will promote British culture – and reject multiculturalism. Other cultures and religions welcome so long as you accept British culture as top dog. Any ideas should be open to discussion – so let’s have none of this “offense culture” where people are scared to say what they think.

So: No more multi-language formats on official documents. You get English and you’ll enjoy it… OK, fine you can have some Welsh and Gaelic.

There will be 100% zero tolerance on Female Genital Mutilation and in schools and public services there will be a legal requirement to report suspected cases.

St. George’s Day becomes a Bank Holiday. Wales also gets one on St. David’s Day. More holidays = Love UKIP



At least 2% of all the moneys will go to defence – as recommended by NATO. At least £4 billion more will be spent on defence by 2020.

We definitely need to keep Trident. After all if Iran is looking to get a nuclear bomb why shouldn’t we have one??

More needs to be done for our brave British soldiers – so they won’t pay any tax, will get their own hospital and loans to start up their own businesses. And there will NEVER be an EU army on our watch.



When pension age does rise to 69 you’ll be able to retire at 65 but you’ll receive a little less pension money. Your call.

Pension Advice services will get their budgets doubled so you know what you’re going for and it’ll be illegal for anyone to cold call you about pensions.



First of all save £9 billion a year by leaving the European Union.  Then reduce money going to overseas aid to 0.2% total income. Seems to work for America.

Scrap High Speed 2 and save £4 billion to be used more wisely. Reduce spending by £5.5billion by making public spending more equal across the UK – rather than some of the country getting more than others. Scotland we’re looking at you.

Make Westminster cheaper: Reduce the number of MPs and make sure constituencies are the same size and axe a number of government departments (Sayonara to Energy and Climate Change, International Development, and Culture Media and Sport), and a big clamp down on MPs expenses.

Go Fracking! Establish a sovereign wealth fund from the tax profits of Fracking – all funds go towards social care of older people.



At the back: Handy charts and figures from an independent consultant showing how much their policies will save and where spending will go. Oooooh, fancy.

Leader Nigel Farage claims this is the only manifesto to be properly costed.


UKIP 2015 Manifesto Decoded: We love Britain, we love the soldiers that keep it safe and we love the British way of life.


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2015 Green Party Manifesto Explained in 6 Minutes

The Green Party have just released their manifesto for 2015. So what do you need to know?

In a nutshell: out with the old and in with the Green.

That means: Heal the planet, have a more equal and just society, and definitely a more democratic government.

Sound interesting? Read on…



  • Invest in an £85billion public programme of renewable electricity generation, flood defences and building insulation. They mean business. Renewable business. Why? Because of Climate Change of course!
  • Cut emissions by providing cheaper public transport and encouraging cycling and walking. That means a 10% cut in ticket prices for public transport.
  • And all rail to be owned by the public too.
  • Reduce. Re-use. Recycle. Reduce. Re-use. Recycle. Get it?
  • Organic lovers: Greens will majorly reduce the use of pesticides and prioritise non-chemical farming methods. How? Education, education, education! Oh and new legislation, schemes and general support for organic farming.
  • Aim to have everyone living a 5 minute walk away from a green open space.



  • Factories will have to label their meat and dairy products to show the method of production and slaughter, and stop the overuse of antibiotics in animal farming. Oh and mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses – does this mean more vegetarians? Maybe.
  • Eating Foie Gras is out. Lucky duckies.
  • Honey honey: Help bees, yes, bees, by reducing pesticide use and help preserve and create bee habitats. Bees will be a priority species. Those bees be lucky.
  • You can no longer clone farm animals – did anyone know that you could!?
  • All you people with primates as household pets, you can’t have them any more. Soz.
  • Good time to be a dog: ban on dog fighting, all breeders will have to be properly licensed, an end to puppy farming, and no more horrible training aids like electric shock collars – that can’t be fun.
  • No more animals in the circus and a full review of horse racing and jockeys can’t use whips any more.
  • Ban all hunting of animals whether it be sport or for pleasure and generally work for the protection of all endangered animals locally and internationally, especially whales and dolphins coz they’re just great.



  • Insulation programme: insulate 9 million homes and take at least 2 million homes out of fuel poverty where households cannot afford to heat their homes due to current costs. This will cost £45billion over the five year Parliament and create 100,000 jobs.
  • Tenants will have the right to make landlords implement the same improvements to the energy performance of their home.
  • Always, ALWAYS say no to fracking.
  • Solar panels: everywhere.



  • No privatisation whatsoever, seriously, none.
  • Immediately increase the NHS budget by £12billion a year.
  • Increase the investment on mental health and make it as important as physical health: totally equal.
  • Free social care and proper funding for the elderly, and also combat the loneliness of the elderly – tinder?
  • Treat drug addiction as a health problem rather than a crime.
  • Introduce presumed consent for organ donors, giving relatives the opportunity and respect to then refuse it and introduce assisted suicide under strict, carefully thought through and well-monitored circumstances.



  • End SATs (Standard Assessment Tests), no more league tables and no more academies.
  • End university tuition fees for undergraduates and cancel student debt. That’s right: cancel student debt. Wowzers.
  • Encourage children to be involved with growing and cooking food – very Jamie Oliver. The Greens also want to introduce lessons on HIV, sex and relationships but let’s hope all these lessons won’t be together.
  • Have class sizes of 20, costing £1.5billion over 5 year Parliament.
  • Compulsory education begins at 7 years old – not 5 years old as it stands.
  • Private schools are not charities! Remove charitable status and ensure no schools are run for profit.
  • Phase out public funding for religious schools and restore Education Maintenance Allowance for those 16-19 year olds in sixth form, college and further education who need the financial help in order to attend.



  • 500,000 new social homes for rent over next five years, control excessive rents and have some stability with house prices.
  • Scrap the Conservative’s Help To Buy scheme that is meant to help people buy their first home by lowering the initial deposit.
  • Abolish the bedroom tax and keep housing benefit for under 25s.



  • Make the minimum wage a living wage of £10 per hour by 2020, and the highest wage in any organisation no more than ten times the lowest wage.
  • Public spending will account for almost half of the national income.
  • With all the changes in the Green manifesto, over 1 million jobs will be created.
  • Double child benefit.


Facts About Child Benefit

As it stands: Facts about child benefit. The Green Party plans to double this amount.




  • Equality and diversity lessons in all schools from first year of primary school.
  • Enforce penalties against employers who continue to implement unequal pay, and basically make equal pay for men and women a reality.
  • It will be illegal to ask mothers to stop breastfeeding in public.
  • Increase the budget for people living with disabilities by around £1billion a year.
  • Increase Carer’s Allowance by 50% – currently £62.10 a week.



  • 16 and 17 year olds you have the vote!
  • Age of criminal responsibility will be 14 not 10 years old.
  • Free local public transport for young people.
  • End exploitation of interns, so you don’t work for free for longer than 4 weeks.
  • Provide emergency shelter for up to 200,000 young people every year.



  • Introduce a written constitution – so people know where they stand, know their rights and it’s all written down and legit.
  • Introducing: Proportional Representation. A different voting system to the one we use at the moment called First Past The Post. Funnily enough, P.R means the number of votes a party receives will be directly proportionate to the number of seats a party gains. Countries such as Israel use P.R.
  • Introduce an elected House of Lords.


  • Increase government arts spending by £500million a year.
  • Abolish the TV license. Watch Scenes of Reason instead.


TV License is £145.50 Per Year

As it stands: TV license – The Green Party plans to abolish the BBC’s enforced TV license.




  • Increase taxes on alcohol and tobacco.
  • No more tax avoiders/evaders. How many times can Barlow and Carr be warned?
  • Higher council tax for more expensive homes.
  • Introduce a wealth tax of 2% a year on the top 1% in society. Damn it.
  • Have a Robin Hood Tax of 0.05% on the banks and their financial transactions such as stocks, bonds, foreign currencies. It even has its own website.
  • Increase corporation tax from 20% to 30%
  • Raise top rate of tax to 60% for people earning over £150,000 – it’s currently 45%.


Current Tax Rates UK

As it stands: Tax – The Green Party plans to raise tax for the rich significantly.



Nice thoughts. Great sentiment. Achievable?





For the full Green Party manifesto click here.


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