5 things we learned from David Cameron’s alleged #piggate scandal

#piggate: a newly published book claims that prime minister David Cameron took part in a rather… unusual university society initiation. Involving a dead pig.



A former donor to the Conservative Party has released a book detailing his feud with current prime minister David Cameron.

The Daily Mail describes the book’s claim that Mr. Cameron once ‘put a private part of his anatomy’ into a dead pig. Yes, you heard us right. This was allegedly part of a university society initiation whilst Cameron was at Oxford.

It’s worth noting at this point that nothing has been proved, though it’s claimed that a picture exists of the… event. David Cameron is infamously coy about his time at university. He was a member of the notorious Bullingdon Club, an all-male exclusive dining club, famous for it’s heavy drinking and the vandalising of restaurants.

So far Number 10 Downing Street are refusing to dignify the claim with a comment. Which is fair enough as, for the second time, there is no proof.

Unfortunately that didn’t stop the internet from going into meltdown. Here’s what we learned:


5 things we learned from #piggate


1) Never underestimate Twitter’s ability to turn something into a joke

Make that several jokes. Several jokes and even more pictures. #piggate quickly went viral, followed by #hameron and #snoutrage.

Here are some of the best posts;


Many recalled an episode of TV show “Black Mirror” where a similar event involving a prime minister and a pig takes place;


Others wondered what Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would ask at Prime Minister’s Questions;


They mocked David Cameron’s tweet about the Labour Party;

Piggate on Twitter

Hmm looks familiar


Whereas some hammed it up;

#piggate on Twitter



2) TV channels didn’t really know how to react

Despite the online frenzy some UK media outlets didn’t quite know how to report this.

The Drum earned maximum punning points by noting how several media outlets seemed “hamstrung”. He he he.

The Drum noted that though Sky News were “traditionally bolder” than the BBC or ITN the #piggate story was “strikingly omitted from the regular newspaper review.”

BBC trending, the online section of the BBC which reports on trending viral stories is yet to publish a #piggate story. The Independent slammed this as “unnacceptable”.


It is odd that several TV and radio channels are mysteriously forgetting to mention the supposed pig initiation. Is this on the grounds of decency or are they worried of the repercussions?


3) CassetteBoy takes no prisoners.

Talk about working under pressure; within hours of the story breaking CassetteBoy trottered (sorry) out this beauty;

Harsh or not, you have to admit this video is pretty clever.



4) We always laugh about this kind of thing, but then turn morally conscious

Yes, the Twitter jokes were funny but eventually people realised they might be focusing on the wrong topic;



Then there was the issue about how political parties are funded;


People often moan about politics. We say it’s out of touch with reality and that politicians don’t care about ordinary people. Yet today, people were much more likely to share photocopied #piggate images of David Cameron than the news that free school meals may be scrapped.

Just some (not pig) food for thought.


5) Ed Miliband, you’re off the (meat) hook

Before the 2015 general election Ed Miliband was ridiculed for a picture taken of him eating a bacon sandwich.

In fairness, you can see why;

Ed Miliband's piggate moment; eating a bacon sandwich


Ed can now relax knowing that he’ll no longer be the only one in pork-litical history (sorry, we had to) to be remembered for his connection to pigs.

That’ll do, Ed. That’ll do.

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