Drink Drive Limit Explained: Women blamed for lowering of limit

Why Are Women Being Blamed For The Lowering Of The Drink Drive Limit?

The Police Federation have said the drink drive limit in England, Wales and Northern Ireland should be lowered – just like in Scotland.

Since records for drink driving related accidents began in 1979 the UK has seen a decline in the number of people killed in drink driving incidents. Though 2011 was the lowest year on record 2013 saw a slight rise: 260 people were killed and 5,710 accidents were linked to drink driving.

Statistically men are more likely to drink drive. But don’t get too smug, girls: new research has shown that the number of male drink drivers has halved, but figures for women have stayed the same. So it has been suggested that the reason fewer people are drink driving is because men are changing their habits, whereas women aren’t.

The Drink Drive Limit

So what does the law actually say when it comes to drink driving?

Blood Alcohol Content or Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is a measure of the amount of alcohol you have in your system. It’s measured in grams per 100 millilitres of your blood.

The Drink Drive Limit for England, Wales, Northern Ireland is 80 milligrammes, whilst for Scotland it is 50

The Police Federation want the limit for England, Wales and Northern Ireland lowered to 50 milligrammes like in Scotland

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It’s very simple: If you have more than 80mg of alcohol in your system, or more than two pints (roughly) for example – you’re in BIG trouble.

Blood Alcohol Content can also be measured by breath or by urine.

A breathalyser estimates your blood alcohol content based on the amount of alcohol on your breath.

The Drink Drive Limit

If you are caught drink driving you will lose your licence.

End of story.

You’ll probably lose your licence for a year and could be put in jail for 6 months. Eek.

The Drink Drive Limit

Full list of penalties and punishments for Drink Drivers

Just in case you didn’t read it before: It’s impossible for you to work out how many drinks will put you over the limit

Variables like age, weight, gender and even stress levels can have an effect on how you process alcohol.

So the safest thing to do: if driving, don’t drink at all.

The Drink Drive Limit Explained

The police can breathalyse you if you’ve been involved in an accident, or if they think you’ve been drinking. If you fail the breathalyser test you’ll be taken to the police station, where you’ll be required to give a further breath test.

By this point it’s fair to say you’re screwed.

The Drink Drive Limit - A man looks through prison bars saying "I made a terrible mistake"

Of course Scotland had to be independent with their own law

Last year 5th December 2014 Scotland lowered the legal limit to 50 milligrammes. This meant that it was even more likely you would be drink driving even if you’d only had one drink.

In December 2014 alone Scotland saw the number of drink drivers drop by one-third.

Northern Ireland has already talked about following suit.

The Drink Drive Limit

The Drink Drive Limit: Scotland lowered the limit to 50mg

So what’s being said now?

The Police Federation says that England, Wales and Northern Ireland should take their lead from Scotland and lower the limit to 50 milligrammes.

Lowering the limit would bring the UK in line with other European countries.

They also think more needs to be down to reduce the amount of women drink driving. Women are not engaging with campaigns to stop people drink driving – perhaps because most anti-drink driving campaigns focus on men.

If you’re on a night out…

Have a designated driver (who stays sober for the night), get a taxi or bus home, or hit the non-alcoholic beverages. I’m hearing great things about Becks Blue.

The Drink Drive Limit Explained

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