Portfolio: Who owns the media? & Insurge Intelligence

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Task: Insurge Intelligence recruited Scenes of Reason to create a video teaser for an exclusive exploration of how the media is run in the UK and the USA under the title “How mainstream media became a neo-Stalinist propaganda regime for wealthy neocons.”

Execution: The Media Reform Coalition, hosting the written piece by journalist Dr Nafeez Ahmed have cited that 71% of UK national newspapers are owned by just three giant corporations, while 80% of local newspapers by a mere six. This video emphasises the worrying alliances in the high ranks of the media, with several owners sitting across controversial boards that blur the lines between public and commercial interest.

Result: This video was created to peak interest and direct traffic towards the investigation, it added a 50% increase in traffic flow to Ahmed’s work, who normally distributed his written work through social media platform.





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