Portfolio: Change.org & Group B Strep

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Task: Create a powerful video to assist The Group B Strep Petition via Change.org. We were tasked with producing a engaging and informative video about the risks associated with Group B Strep during pregnancy and why the NHS need to provide free testing to prevent avoidable deaths to newborn babies during labour.

Execution: Working with both change.org and Group B Strep Support to create an accessible but high impact piece of content that would engage women in their 20’s and 30’s and alert them of the worrying consequences if you do not demand a GBS test during pregnancy. Drawing from tragic personal stories and expert advice, SoR were able to quickly turn around a piece of content to assist the campaign and encourage a sit down meeting with a member of the health services in parliament.

Result: The campaign is ongoing, but we are proud to have helped assisted GBS and change.org in securing approximately 250,000 signatures to the petition. The leaders of GBSS have secured meetings with several MP’s and are making headway with demanding a mandatory test as part of the NHS prenatal care.

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