Mayor of London Elections: The Candidates

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There are a whopping 12 candidates battling it out to win the title of Mayor of London. Consider this your go-to guide on the runners and riders and let us do what Scenes of Reason does best…jazz up the boring sh*t, so that people give a sh*t.

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What does the Mayor of London do?

The Mayor of London gets to work at City Hall and be in charge of £17 billion, which is used “to run transport, police and fire services, build affordable homes and promote London’s economy”(they also look after London’s arts and culture, and creates a health policy for the city). They are essentially the chief of the tribe when it comes to making London a better place for everyone who lives here, works here or has there ‘oliday here. 

The Mayor of London is supported by the London Assembly, they are 25 elected representatives who act as the “eyes and ears of Londoners”.  They make sure that the Mayor of London is being an all round goodie two shoes and playing by the rules. The London Assembly are also elected on May 5th.

The two leading candidates for Mayor of London are Zac Goldsmith for the Conservative Party and Sadiq Khan for the Labour Party. That still leaves 10 others, so who are they? (in alphabetical order and the order you’ll see them on the voting card)

Sian Berry is the Green Party candidate for Mayor of London

“I’ve lived in London for a long time. The Green Party has lots of good ideas to make living in London even better. We want to make sure what City Hall does, matches what people in London think.”


sian, berry, mayoral elections

Sian’s top campaign points in brief are;

  1. Homes that are affordable for Londoners and built by local councils and housing associations.
  2. A better deal on fares for London’s commuters.
  3. A bank for London which will support small business.
  4. More police time to be used on real community policing to tackle hate crimes and support vulnerable people.
  5. Create a not-for-profit London Energy Company which will provide Londoners with energy that’s both green and economical.

You can find Sian’s manifesto here.
Find Sian at a campaign event by getting in touch with her campaign team here.


David Furness is the British National Party (BNP) candidate for Mayor of London

“As a born and bred Londoner, and father of two, I know London’s problems – over population, lack of social housing, lack of school places, an overstretched NHS, congestion – and they’re all a result of the alarming levels of uncontrolled immigration.”


Mr Furness’s campaign is against the Islamification of London and the BNP’s top campaign points in brief are;

David, Furness, mayoral elections

  1. Prevent any further immigration.
  2. Stop the third runway at Heathrow.
  3. No Crossrail 2 station on the Kings Road, Chelsea.
  4. Protect social housing and ensure local housing is for local people.
  5. British jobs for British workers. 

Find David’s full manifesto here.

George Galloway is the Respect party candidate for Mayor of London

I want to build a London for all, not just for those dripping in gold.”

George’s top campaign points in brief are;

george, gallowaay, mayoral elections

  1. Free transport pass for students and key workers.
  2. Ban heavy vehicles operating during daylight hours from Central London to save lives, limbs and lungs.
  3. Increase the number of affordable houses being built and stop London’s property market being used as a safety deposit box by rich (sometimes crooked) foreign buyers.
  4. Demanding London gets control over the NHS to prevent further cuts and privatisation.
  5. A well funded police force that is more racially diverse and looks like the people it protects. No more institutionalised racism or class distinction. 

More info on George’s campaign can be found here.


Paul Golding is the Britain First Candidate for Mayor of London

“I am not like other politicians, I grew up on a London council estate and I have seen my city transformed by mass immigration and political correctness. British people are treated like second class citizens in their own city. I want to see British people put first for a change.”

Paul’s top campaign points in brief are;

Paul, Golding, mayoral elections

  1. Prioritise London’s housing for British people.
  2. Give British jobs to British workers.
  3. Ensure Britain leaves the European Union.
  4. Tackle Islamic extremism.
  5. Provide housing for the 3,000 homeless veterans in London.
  6. Advocate British culture and the Christian faith.
  7. Cut immigration by half and stop the influx of migrants.
  8. Boost spending on both elderly and disabled.


You can find out more about Paul’s campaign here.


Zac Goldsmith is the Conservative Party Candidate for Mayor of London

Our city is booming, but too many are yet to feel the benefit of that success…I’m standing for Mayor to protect London’s success and to make it work for all Londoners. ”

Zac’s top campaign points in brief:

Zac, Goldsmith, mayoral elections

  1. Fix London’s housing crisis, build 50,000 homes a year by 2020.
  2. Get the best deal for London’s businesses.
  3. Improve London’s living environment, he wants to make London the greenest City in the world.
  4. Improve London’s transport system by increasing capacity and reliability.
  5. Make the streets of London safer by keeping neighbourhood police teams and combatting the causes of crime.

You can find Zac’s manifesto here

Find Zac at a campaign event by heading here.


Lee Harris is the Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol candidate for Mayor of London

“I want to give a voice to the hundreds of thousands of people who consume cannabis in London. It’s time we regulated cannabis.”

Lee’s top campaign point is:

lee, harris, mayoral elections

  1. Change the old and harmful laws around cannabis as he has seen the effects of harsh cannabis laws on young people and their futures. 

You can find out more about Lee here.







Sadiq Khan is the Labour Party Candidate for Mayor of London

“London is the greatest city in the world. But we are at a crossroads….Londoners are being priced out of our city. The next generation is missing out on the opportunities that our city gave me when I was growing up.”

Sadiq’s top campaign points in brief are;

Sadiq, Khan, mayoral elections

  1. Tackle London’s housing crisis by giving Londoners the first opportunity to buy new homes.
  2. Be a pro-business Mayor by creating new jobs and training Londoners with skills our economy needs.
  3. Create a greener London by cutting pollution and making cycling safer.
  4. A more affordable and modern transport network by freezing all Transport for London fares for four years.
  5. A safer and more secure London by tackling extremism and promoting integration.

You can find Sadiq’s manifesto here

To catch Sadiq at a campaign event head here.

Ankit Love is the One Love Party candidate for Mayor of London

Mr Love didn’t submit a mini manifesto to London Elects (the organisation that oversees the Mayoral elections) but what we do know about the One Love Party candidate is the following; the One Love Party “aims to convey a universal message of unity and peace for all mankind.” Ankit is a filmmaker and a music artist.

Ankit’s top campaign points in brief are;

ankit, love, mayoral elections

  1. He wants to get rid of  “CAWMDs pandemic” which stands for Chemical Air Wastes of Mass Destruction aka air pollution.
  2. As Mayor he would test driverless electric cars for use as public transport.
  3. Introduce a discounted fares for London residents.
  4. Install solar powered heat lamps on bus stops.
  5. Use modular skyscraper technology which will build on land owned by the Greater London Authority. Construction will become quicker, more efficient and resourceful.
  6. Free higher education for Londoners.
  7. Build more hydrogen fuel power stations and install solar panels on loads of homes.
  8. Legalise cannabis.
  9. Use maintenance drones to maintain tube and public transport infrastructure.


Find out more about the One Love Party candidate here.


Caroline Pidgeon is the Liberal Democrats candidate for Mayor of London

“I’m an ordinary Londoner, a parent, a commuter, but also someone who’s been fighting the establishment in London for over 20 years. For too long being Mayor of London has been about over inflated egos rather than about someone making a difference when we need to get things done.”

Caroline’s top campaign points in brief are:

caroline, pidgeon, mayoral elections

  1. Housing: build 200,000 new homes crackdown on rogue landlords.
  2. Policing: 3,000 more police on our streets and break the cycle of violent crime.
  3. Transport: half price fares before half seven on all tube, DLR, Overground and TfL Rail journeys.
  4. Children: a good school place of choice for every child by taking responsibility from the government for London’s school places and better support for hard pressed parents.


You can read her full manifesto hereTo catch Caroline at a campaign event head here.


Sophie Walker is the Women’s Equality Party candidate for Mayor of London

I will make London work better for everyone by giving women the same opportunities as men so this city can flourish.”

Sophie’s top campaign points in brief are;

sophie, walker, mayoral elections

  1. Make work flexible, promotion fair and pay equal for men and women.
  2. End violence against women and girls by making prevention, justice and support a top priority.
  3. Ensure childcare is affordable and subsidise childcare from 9 months and deliver support to carers.
  4. Make London’s transport system more accessible for all by investing in buses with space for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Invest in cycle facilities to cut down on vehicle emissions and improve air quality.


Find Sophie’s full manifesto here.


Peter Whittle is UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate for Mayor of London

This is a wonderful city. But it has huge problems too. There is a chronic housing shortage, immigration is out of control and violent crime is on the rise. The Mayor should represent the concerns of all Londoners. As your Mayor I will not flinch from addressing these important issues.”

Peter’s top campaign points in brief are;

peter, whittle, mayoral elections

  1. Put a stop to the UK’s open borders and introduce an Australian style points system.
  2. Build more housing all over London and give Londoners first priority in social housing.
  3. Get rid of council translation services and put the money saved into London’s communities.
  4. Support the police’s stop and search powers to reduce knife crime to save young lives.
  5. Reduce immigration and tax the vacant foreign owned properties to ease the pressure currently on London’s housing.

Find Peter’s full manifesto here.


‘Prince’ John Zylinski is running as an Independent candidate for Mayor of London

John Zylinksi is a London born property developer. He didn’t submit a mini manifesto to London Elects (the organisation that oversees the Mayoral elections) however, what we do know is that he’s;

prince, zanek, zylinski, mayoral elections

  1. A Polish aristocrat.
  2. He’s not a fan of UKIP leader Nigel Farage after Mr Farage criticised migrant workers.
  3. Mr Zylinkski wants to challenge the “benefit scrounger” stereotype that he believes tarnishes the image of Polish immigrants.
  4. As Mayor, Mr Zylinski will “turbo charge” construction of housing, with aims to build 1.25 million homes, with at least 30% as affordable housing – all in an effort to solve London’s housing crisis.

Find out more about Prince John here.

The extra stuff


Voting day

Registration to vote closed on 18th April, unlucky for those who didn’t, but for those of you that did register, there are three ways you can vote on May 5th; in person, by post or by proxy (someone votes for you). It’s important to note you cannot vote online (sorry, we know that’s a real blow for us digitally led peeps). When it comes to voting day and whichever method you choose to vote, you will have three ballot papers (those colourful pieces of paper that have the names of the candidates on).

One will be for the Mayor of London, one will be for the Constituency London Assembly Member candidates and one will be for the Londonwide Assembly Member candidatesThe constituency candidate is the person you want to represent you and your specific constituency on the London Assembly. The Londonwide candidate is the specific person you want to represent the whole of London on the London Assembly. For more info on the London Assembly elections head here.

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