Portfolio: Trailer for The Smalls 11th annual film festival

Task: Scenes of Reason decided to jazz things up this summer and pitch to create an artsy film festival trailer for The Smalls. The theme was Metamorphosis and given the nature of the project, we decided to create a metamorphic nomad (aka. Cherilyn’s beauty yoga instructor friend Miya) who ventures through a modern wonderland.

Portfolio: The Day schools service hits the USA

Task: Create a promo and sales video for The Day’s news service for schools in the USA. The Day were looking to broker a deal with the education network, Follet, to distribute their amazing news packages for teachers and students.

Portfolio: EU Referendum Video Series

Task: Create a video series to assist the London First Millennial campaign and drive voter registration for the EU Referendum.

Portfolio: SoR, Jamal Edwards & Innocent Unplugged

Task: Innocent approached SoR to host a workshop and Q&A session with Jamal Edwards at their Inspires Tent. The aim was to collectively help those attending The Innocent Unplugged Festival to think about how to achieve success, engagement on issues that matter in an innovative manner.

Portfolio: The Haystack Documentary

Task: Create a UK-centric campaign to educate the general public on the pros and cons of the passing of the Investigatory Powers Bill in 2016. Most of the general public have little or no understanding as to how our surveillance or intelligence systems work, given the debate is so heated in the US and Germany, it is important to question why we are not questioning our government more when our surveillance state is considered the most invasive in the world.