Scenes of Reason reveals its new website and service

For anyone who has known us since our launch; they’ll have known just how difficult it’s been to navigate the media market with no resources. That is why I would like to share some learning’s about us, the news industry and why we’re very excited about the future of Scenes of Reason.

Portfolio: EU Referendum Video Series

Task: Create a video series to assist the London First Millennial campaign and drive voter registration for the EU Referendum.

Portfolio: The Haystack Documentary

Task: Create a UK-centric campaign to educate the general public on the pros and cons of the passing of the Investigatory Powers Bill in 2016. Most of the general public have little or no understanding as to how our surveillance or intelligence systems work, given the debate is so heated in the US and Germany, it is important to question why we are not questioning our government more when our surveillance state is considered the most invasive in the world.

Mayor of London Elections: The Candidates

There are a whopping 12 candidates battling it out to win the title of Mayor of London. Consider this your go-to guide on the runners and riders and let us do what Scenes of Reason does best…jazz up the boring sh*t, so that people give a sh*t.

The Panama Papers: Explained

It’s being described as the biggest leak of data in history, bigger than both Wikileaks in 2010 and Edward Snowden’s big leak in 2013, so what’s the biggie with the so called Panama Papers?

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